Welcome to Barbie in the Lab blog. Here you can find beauty and science, all in one. Check out the different tabs on the menu for more content. Here’s the run down of what you’ll find here:

The Science of Beauty

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Have you ever wondered what all those ingredients in beauty products do? Are all those chemicals you see listed okay? Look here for a scientific perspective on beauty products — the science behind what does into them, what they do, and how they can affect you.




Thinking about buying a product but want to see what it looks like first? Look here to see examples of different products and gauge their finish and color. Swatches are applied on the forearm (note that my skin tone is NW20 in MAC foundation lines).



Travel size flat lay

Here you’ll find my reviews of different products I’ve tried. In addition to typical product reviews, you can also find product comparisons. These will show what different brands of the same class of product (i.e. mascara, eyeliner) look like when applied the same way and placed side by side.


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