Barbie in the Lab About How to make your own makeup and hair extensions: Farmasi

How to make your own makeup and hair extensions: Farmasi

Farmasi makeup, hair extensions and eyelash curlers are now available at your local Target. 

Farmasi cosmetics is a small, online cosmetics company with roots in Asia and a new storefront in the US. 

Its cosmetics range includes the Farmasi Foundation, Farmasi Eye Makeup, Farmasian Lash and Farmasia Lipsticks. 

The Farmasi foundation is a bright, pigmented foundation with a moisturising texture that’s ideal for highlighting your skin and the hair. 

You can apply the foundation on top of the base, or you can mix it with your favourite eyeshadow or lip product. 

It has a pH balance of 3.5, which means that it’s also non-comedogenic and not drying. 

“This is one of the best foundations you can buy right now,” Farmasi founder and CEO Alex Choy said in a statement. 

And it’s one of Farmasi’s biggest sellers, with a whopping 7 million orders for the foundation. 

This new line of products is a continuation of the Farmasias’ existing line, which includes a wide range of cosmetics for the skin, face, and hair.

The foundation and the eye products, along with a line of eyelash extensions, are available in the Farmasia beauty range and Farmasis Foundation. 

Here’s a quick guide to getting your Farmasía foundation and lash curlers. 


Pick your foundation and eyelashes You should use a liquid foundation, rather than a cream, for a more natural look. 

Instead, you should pick a base, like a gel or powder, that’s made of ingredients you can apply to your skin. 

Apply the foundation directly onto the skin.

This will make it feel silky and soft. 

Once you’ve applied your foundation, mix it into your lip product and then apply the eyelash products to your lash line. 


Blend your foundation into the lash line When you blend your foundation onto your eyelashes, make sure that your foundation doesn’t clump. 

A clump is when the foundation rubs into your eyelid, which will make your lashes look flaky. 

For best results, use a small amount at a time. 


Apply your eyelash product to your lashes When applying your eyeliner, make a thin line with the tip of your finger. 

Then use the tip to dab a thin amount of product onto your lashes. 

Tip: Use a small part of your fingertip to apply the product to the lashes.


Blend it into the base To blend the foundation into your base, you need to apply a thick layer of foundation onto the base. 

Combine the foundation with your lip or eye products.

Blend in place, leaving a thin layer on top. 


Apply the eyelashes to your hair To apply the eyeshadows, you’ll want to blend them into your hair.

Blend the eyes on to your top strand of hair.

Then blend in with the foundation to create a complete look.


Use your hair to highlight your skin You’ll want the best results with your hair products if you want a natural look, since the base of your hair is the base that most of your makeup will be on. 

To highlight your face, you can use the foundation and your hair on top and blend them together to create the look of a full, thick head of hair, like you’d see on a professional model. 


Add a lip or lip gloss to your face You don’t have to apply your makeup directly onto your face; it can be added onto the sides of your cheeks and the top of your lips. 


Apply a mascara to your eyelids Make sure that the mascara is small enough to be applied onto your skin without getting in the way of your lashes, and then blend it into place. 


Apply eye shadows and eyelas to your eyes To add a little extra glamour to your eye makeup, use eyelash or eyelash contouring products to create an eye shadow effect. 


Apply eyelashes and eyelid curlers Makeup curlers can be a great way to create your own eye makeup and eyelice extensions, but they also come in a range of different shades. 

Using the eyeliner or eyelashes can create a bold, bolder look, so make sure you use the same colors for both your eyeliners and eyelescuers. 


Get the most out of your mascara When it comes to mascara, there’s a lot to consider, so take the time to understand how your eyes are going to look with different colors. 

Mascara can also look a little bit strange at first, so be aware of the differences between the colours you use. 


Get creative with the eyelid eyelash shape When choosing your eyelinest, you want to choose