Barbie in the Lab About How to Make Your Own 50s Cosmetics from Easy Halloween Makeup

How to Make Your Own 50s Cosmetics from Easy Halloween Makeup

If you want to get a kick out of makeup in the 50s, look no further than this makeup tutorial.

As it was just before Halloween, the makers of this tutorial wanted to create a little bit of fun with the makeup, so they decided to make a little Halloween costume that would be the perfect homage to Halloween!

The tutorial has been made using the basic ingredients and the ingredients you would need to make any basic makeup look awesome.

This recipe is also super easy to make with the right ingredients.

So, if you want a little trick, make sure you are wearing a light makeup and a light eye shadow, and don’t forget to wear a mask!

Make sure you also wear a white shirt to disguise the look of being a Halloween costume.

The tips are pretty simple, but this is a very easy and fun way to look stylish!

Read More: Makeup tutorials that are great for kids (like this one) are just one of the things that make this makeup recipe so appealing to kids.

As a kid, my mom would always make me try this makeup and it was always a great way to dress up Halloween.

Now I love this makeup so much, I made a little costume for my daughter to wear at school!

I hope you enjoy this 50s makeup tutorial and we are happy to share with you our favorites for you to try out!