Barbie in the Lab Comments Australia: The best beauty brands

Australia: The best beauty brands

Here are the best makeup brands in Australia to get you started with your own makeup look.


Bobbi Brown: Bobbi’s cosmetics and personal care line is popular for its natural, vegan and cruelty-free products.2.

Revlon: Revlon cosmetics are famous for their eye and skin-perfecting formulas, which are known for their longevity and gentle cleansing powers.3.

L’Oreal: L’Oréal has a reputation for its high-end, high-performance makeup.4.

Chanel: Chanel is renowned for its quality cosmetics and fragrance, which have made it the most sought-after brand in the world.5.

Nars: The French brand is renowned as a makeup and hair-care brand.6.

Lancome: Lancome is renowned in beauty and makeup.7.

Revolene: Revolense is renowned worldwide for its luxurious cosmetics and luxurious hair-treatment products.8.

Urban Decay: Urban Decay has been a pioneer in the makeup and beauty industries.9.

MAC: MAC is renowned and highly sought after by fashionistas worldwide for their unique products and their high-fashion collections.10.

LVMH: LVMHA is renowned globally for its luxury and luxurious products.11.

Burberry: Burberry is renowned internationally for its premium beauty brands.12.

Laura Mercier: Laura Merciers famous cosmetics are renowned for their rich, full-coverage and long-lasting formulas.13.

MAC Cosmetics: MAC cosmetics have been the most popular in Australia for decades.14.

Chanell: Chanell has a global reputation for luxurious cosmetics.15.

Clinique: The popular cosmetics brand is known for its affordable beauty products and affordable prices.16.

MAC Lipstick: The lipsticks are the top selling brands in the US and Canada, as well as Europe.17.

Sephora: Sephara is renowned by the fashionistas for its products and the high-quality of its makeup.18.

Makeup Revolution: Makeup revolution has been popular in Australian makeup shops for years.19.

MAC Beauty: MAC Beauty is known as the most affordable makeup brand.20.

NARS Cosmetics & Fragrance: NARS has a long and rich history in the beauty industry, having developed their iconic products for women of all ages.21.

Benefit Cosmetics and Fragrance Collection: Benefit Cosmes is renowned across the world for its rich, rich and rich pigments, luxurious and luxurious ingredients, and the quality of their products.22.

MAC Lingerie: The MAC Locker is a beauty-centric beauty brand with beauty products, accessories, and gifts for men, women, and children.23.

Benefit Lipstick Collection: The Benefit Lipsticks collection is renowned throughout the world, and its lipstick range is widely popular in the United States and Canada.24.

Lancôme: Lancômes renowned fragrance is known worldwide for being highly fragrant and luxurious.25.

Make Up Revolution: The Make Up revolution is the world’s most popular cosmetics-focused beauty shop.26.

MAC Cosmetic: MAC Cosmes luxury cosmetics are known as one of the best and most versatile beauty brands in Europe.27.

MAC Makeup Collection: MAC makeup is famous for its beautiful cosmetics, luxurious ingredients and affordable price.28.

Make-Up Revolution: One of the most well-known cosmetics shops in the globe, Make-up Revolution is the global leader in beauty products.29.

Lancomes makeup range: The Lancômés famous fragrances are renowned across Europe and Asia.30.

MAC Face: MAC’s Face is the leading cosmetics retailer in the Americas.31.

MAC Collection: A favorite in the Australian beauty community, MAC is widely known for making affordable, beautiful, affordable and affordable-looking products.32.

MAC Color: MAC Color is a brand with a great reputation, a strong foundation and an innovative color range that is widely recognized in the cosmetics world.33.

Bobbie Brown Beauty: Bobbie’s beauty line is renowned among beauty lovers worldwide for the luxurious and unique cosmetics and beauty products that are available at affordable prices that are affordable to the average consumer.34.

LELO Beauty: LELOS Beauty is renowned because of its high quality, high customer loyalty, and an extensive portfolio of brands to cater to different tastes.35.

Lush Cosmetics : LUSH Cosmetics is renowned around the world as a luxury beauty brand, with its extensive portfolio that includes a range of luxurious, high quality products for men and women.36.

MAC Foundation: MAC foundation is renowned abroad for its sophisticated and luxurious makeup products and high-performing formulations.37.

Bobbing Beauty: Beauty brands are renowned in Australia, but its famous for the low prices, high performance and affordable products that come in a range.38.

MAC Skin: MAC skin is renowned to be a popular skin-care line in Australia.39.

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