Barbie in the Lab Comments Why we don’t always see eyeliner, lip gloss, mascara, brow pencils and more in our makeup bags

Why we don’t always see eyeliner, lip gloss, mascara, brow pencils and more in our makeup bags

Cheap makeup looks good on you and you’ll look amazing in your bag!

And, if you want to keep your look affordable, you’ll want to spend as little money as possible.

The beauty community has long recognized that the cheapest makeup looks are the ones that you’ll end up wearing on a regular basis, and the easiest way to do that is to get some good quality eye makeup.

We’re going to talk about the best eye makeup brands and the products you should get for your eyes.

The Best Cheap Eye Makeup Brands and Products for 2017 Here are some of the top eye makeup companies out there. 


Sephora, $65.00 for 10 mL or $40.00 to $70.00 per mL The beauty and fashion brands are in a big hurry to start a line of makeup for the new year. 


Lancome, $90.00 a pop for 10 ml or $30.00 or more for 20 mL If you’re looking for high-end makeup, this is the brand to go with.

The line features more than a dozen products that will work for all skin tones, including eyeliners, eyeshadows, bronzer, and more.

They have a few more makeup brands that are also in the $60-80 range, so you can’t go wrong. 


MAC, $80.00 (5-Pack) for 20mL or $80 for 30mL The MAC brand has a lot of great products for those looking to stay on top of their skincare routine.

This includes makeup remover, face wash, eyeliner remover and more! 


Laura Mercier, $100.00 each (5.1-Pack), $150.00 individually for 15 mL, $160.00 plus shipping for 20ml.

For the price of $100 for 20-mL, it’s hard to beat the benefits of using makeup removers and products that help you control the amount of makeup you apply. 


Makeup for the Soul, $70 each (2-Pack). 

Beauty brands often take on the cosmetic industry and bring their own products, but this is another good example of the makeup brands doing a great job of creating their own makeup.

The brand includes skincares, concealer, and eye makeup products. 


MAC Cosmetics, $120.00 ($85 for 20 ml), $200.00/$150.50 for 30ml Beauties like MAC make great eye makeup and it’s the best way to spend on the whole year.

You’ll also want to be able to use makeup removals to get the best results for your skin and eye. 


The MAC Cosmetica, $85.00, for 10ml or $60.00-$70.50 per mL MAC Cosmatics makes a line that is packed with great-looking products for everyone.

The collection includes eyeliner brushes, eyelash curlers, brows, and eyeshadow palettes. 


MAC Lashes, $50.00 and $80 per pop for 20 oz. or $100 per pop plus shipping (5 oz/$70.75 for 20oz).

MAC Laces are a great-for-everyone-makeup-type brand that features a wide variety of eyelash, lip and eye colors.

They also carry a variety of eye makeup brushes, eyes, brow products and more, making them a great option for the everyday beauty buyer. 


Chanel, $150 per pop ($30.75-$40.50) for 10mL or a 10-pack of 20-oz for 30 mL Chanel makes an amazing range of high-quality makeup for your eye and face. 


Urban Decay, $75 per pop, or $85 per pop or $95 per pop if you’re ordering more than one color. 

Urban Decay is known for their affordable makeup.

It’s a great way to save money on high-fashion makeup and the brand has plenty of affordable makeup products for you to use on your face and body. 


Bobbi Brown, $60 per pop/$60 for 10.5ml Bobbi Brown is known as the “Queen of Cheap Eye and Face Makeup,” and she’s proven that with her affordable makeup line. 


MAC Lipstick, $35 per pop (10-Pack or $25 for 20) MAC Lipstick is a popular lip product for a reason.

The company makes beautiful shades of matte lipsticks, and they offer a wide range of colors. 


Make Up For Ever, $30-$60 per pack ($20-$40 for 20+mL) The company has a huge selection of eye and lip products, and it offers some of its own. 14. Urban