Barbie in the Lab Swatches How Harry Potter fans make their own Harry Potter lip makeup

How Harry Potter fans make their own Harry Potter lip makeup

The Potter fandom loves its magic, and the fandom has found new ways to add to the magical effect with new, original makeup products.

Potter fans are known for their love of makeup, and it seems like every now and then they want to be part of the magic.

So naturally, Potter fans have found themselves inspired by new products and trends to make their makeup look magical.

While some of these makeup items aren’t technically makeup, they are the result of Harry Potter fan art, which can sometimes be used to create amazing new creations.

We asked Potter enthusiasts to share their favorite lipsticks, eye shadows, and other lip products that are now available online, and here are their top picks.HARRY POTTER CREATIONSPOMPERS:The Harry Potter Cosmetics Collection is a collection of Harry potter inspired lipsticks.

This collection includes the following shades:Blackberry, Coral Pink, Emerald Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Rose, SilverRose, Strawberry, WhiteRose, and Violet.

Available in two lipsticks and one eye shadow shade, this collection is also a must-have for fans of the show.

These products come in a variety of colors, from matte and glittery shades, to opaque and shimmery shades.PINKER:Potter’s own creation is available in a few different lipsticks that are actually lipsticks made by the creator himself.

The range of products includes a range of shades, from pinky to pale blue, and includes shimmery, matte, matte-leaning and shimmering shades.

Available with a wide range of color palettes, this range is perfect for a variety or a light-medium color combination.

The lipsticks are also available in the form of powder, gloss, liquid, and cream forms.

Available as a powder, these products are the perfect way to add sparkle and shine to your lips.

The MIND AND THE MINDIE MALLMOND is a shimmery matte lip gloss that has a bright, vibrant color.

It’s available as a creamy, shimmery liquid or a gel-like form that lasts for hours.

Available for $24.99 in the MIND and the MINE MALL, this gloss is also available as an ultra-pigmented liquid form.

Available at $19.99, this product is a sheer, matte lip liner that is also included in the range.

Available through Amazon, this formula is made of a light matte finish and a medium coverage formula.

Available by the dropper, this lip gloss is made with a matte finish, so it dries matte and lasts for ages.

Available on Amazon, it is available as one of the most popular shades for Potter fans.

Available from the dropler, this liquid liner is a great option for fans looking for a quick, convenient, and sheer look.

Available exclusively through Amazon in the Pinker range, this liner is available to purchase on Amazon and at MINDandtheMINE MallMIDNIGHT GLOVES:A range of Harry Potter inspired lipstick shades, the Midnight Glove range is a must have for fans who love their look, especially when it comes to a shimmering, matte finish.

Available now in the Midnight range, the range of the Midnight gloss is a stunning mix of sparkly colors and is ideal for anyone looking for something bright and bold.

Available only on Amazon in a matte-gloss form, this lipstick also has a matte finishing.

Available via the droper, this matte-finish liquid liner comes in three different forms, and is a perfect addition to any fan’s lip look.

Available as a matte, shimmer, and liquid, this line of Lipglosses is also the perfect addition for anyone who loves to add some sparkle to their lips.

Available to purchase through the drooper, this color-shifting lip gloss comes in four different shades.

Available in a light shimmer, a shimmer-glow, a glittery, and a cream-like formula, this shade-shattering lipstick is perfect to wear on its own or paired with a shimmer or matte lip base.

Available individually, the MANDATORY PLEASURE Lipstick range is also an easy, safe way to create a gorgeous and unique look.POMPHE:Potters favorite liquid lip products are also featured in this collection, including POMPHe’s MIND-AND-MIND MALLmendey Lipsticks.

Available now in two shades, these lipsticks offer a vibrant, vibrant, and matte finish for a more neutral or bold lip look, or can be used in place of a gloss.

Available separately, this creamy liquid lip gloss can be applied over a matte or shimmery lip color.

Available directly through the Amazon link, this shimmery-leaning lip gloss also comes in a cream or liquid form, and offers a creamy finish for even more definition.

Available online, this MANDATORMIND lip