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How to get your eyes perfect, blue eye makeup

This is how to get you blue eyes!

Blue eyes are pretty special, and it is a condition where your eyelashes are blue.

So if you have blue eyes and you are going to wear eye makeup that has blue in it, it might not be the best.

The answer to this is to use a highlighter or two.

If you don’t have the right eyes, use some makeup that is a little bit darker than what your eye makeup would normally be.

When you apply the eye makeup, it will make the blue eye look a little darker and you will notice it.

Don’t overdo it with blue eyes though, it looks very natural and you might look like a fool when you try to wear the eye liner!

This is why it is so important to try and get the right eye makeup and the right shade of eye makeup!

Makeup for blue eyes has become so popular these days that we have all the beauty experts on board to tell us how to wear it.

Makeup to help you look like the goddess!

This is the easiest way to achieve the best blue eyes.

You just need a light blue eyeliner, a highlight and a brow pencil to achieve it.