Barbie in the Lab Swatches ‘Scary Clown’ makeup selfie gets a new look in New York

‘Scary Clown’ makeup selfie gets a new look in New York

A new face for the “Scary Halloween” makeup selfie craze: a woman dressed in an elf makeup outfit, with an adorable face.

A new face was unveiled by the New York makeup artist who has become a darling of the makeup community for her work on Disney’s “Scarecrow.”

Jessica Depp, who also created the “Sweeney Todd” and “Twilight” costumes for Disney, was in New Zealand at the time of the new selfie and said she had a lot of fun with the new face, which she called a “big success.”

She posted a photo on Instagram and Instagram Stories on Sunday.

Depp told ABC News she was in awe of the creation.

“The look of her is so unique,” she said.

“It’s so cute and it’s so very Disney.

It was very, very fun to work on it and it was just so fun to put together.”

The photo has been viewed more than 40,000 times and has been shared more than 3 million times.

Deepepepp said she and her assistant worked on it for about a month before she put it together.

“We put it on and it kind of took a while to get it on the stage, so I kind of got to know it better and that was pretty fun,” she told ABC.

DePP said the photo was shot in a location in Wellington, New Zealand, where the costume is made by hand.

It is made of real fur and has three eyes, two ears and two nose.

The makeup was inspired by a post Depp wrote on her Instagram account in February that said she loved “the scariest clown makeup ever” and had used it to make a photo of her for her makeup tutorial for a magazine.

The photo of Depp with her makeup is now one of the most popular on Instagram.

“It was so much fun to be able to create that costume for people to see and see her doing it in the flesh and see the makeup, and then it’s like, ‘Wow, she looks really good,'” she said, adding that it’s a big success.

Depper said her “Scariest Halloween” selfie is the result of a year of experimenting and trying new things.

She said she created a mask that has two eyes and two ears, which made her nervous, but that she has since put it in place in a wig.

“I’ve had so many compliments on it,” she added.

“If I had to say, ‘What if I don’t wear a mask?

What if I just wear this outfit?

What would that look like?'”

Depp said she hopes the photos will inspire other people to try their hand at makeup.

“People have a lot to learn from it, but it’s something that they can do and I think that’s really important,” she noted.