Barbie in the Lab Swatches How to Make Your Skin Look Younger

How to Make Your Skin Look Younger

A few weeks ago, my skin was all tanned, my pores were healed and my pores felt better.

But my makeup look was all washed out.

I’m an African-American woman who has lived through a lot of skin colorings and blemishes and was taught to never put on foundation. 

My skin looked too pale and too heavy, and I was just tired of constantly wearing makeup to make it look like I was all white and beautiful.

I had to ask, Why? 

It’s not just the makeup I wear.

It’s my skin. 

And I’m not alone.

A recent survey of women revealed that nearly half of us have tried makeup to look younger, but have fallen short of our own skin tone goals.

I can’t blame them.

It seems like a lot to put on and take off in a day. 

But if you’re struggling with blemish-free skin, this article will help you look and feel more youthful and youthful looking with a few simple tricks. 


Use a contour primer Makeup is supposed to look natural and natural looking.

But it’s not always that simple.

I remember trying to make my makeup last longer and looking better after using a contouring primer, but it left me feeling dirty, tired and greasy. 

Contouring powders don’t last long, so you have to go back to basics and use a contoured primer.

A contouring powder gives your makeup a natural finish.

It creates a natural blend of pigment to your skin that looks natural. 


Use your foundation to highlight your cheeks and jawline This is a trick I’ve been doing a lot lately.

I used to be super aggressive with my makeup.

I’d wear foundation, and then apply my foundation.

It would be like a mini face mask, only it would be even more contoured and not leave my skin feeling dry and chalky. 

Then, one day, I stopped.

I realized that if I was going to be wearing makeup, I needed to look better.

So I started to use my foundation as a primer. 


Use eyeliner as a highlight You can also highlight your eyes, nose, cheeks and even your jawline with a thin layer of mascara or a smudge.

I found that the best way to do this was to apply a thick layer of foundation over a lighter eye shadow.

It adds a little bit of definition and definition without being too dark. 


Apply a gloss to your cheeks, lips, or jawline A gloss can be applied over your lips to give your skin a natural look. 


Apply eyeliner over your eyes to accentuate your eyes If you have a dark complexion, apply a light eyeliner or powder over your dark eye area.


Use concealer over your eye makeup to give it a natural, light lookIf you have darker skin, you can apply a concealer to your dark eyeliner to give you a natural glow.


Apply eye makeup or mascara to your cheekbones to make your cheek bone pop or create a glowYou can also use eyeliner, mascara, or eyeliner liner over your cheekbone to make the cheekbones pop or add a little sparkle. 


Use eye shadow or powder to accent your eyebrowsYou can use eye shadow to highlight a brow, or apply a powder to highlight the corners of your eyes.

You can add a touch of powder to the powder to make them pop, too.


Use lipstick to highlight an eyebrow or cheekboneIf you’re looking for a little extra sparkle or make your eyes pop, you could use a lipstick to accent the brows or cheekbones. 


Apply mascara to create a brow lift or lift an eyebrowPerfect for the younger ones, mascara is great for the older ones. 


Apply makeup to your lips or lips with cheekbones or lash lineMakeup is always best when applied over the lips.

If you want to have a more natural look, apply your makeup on the lips with the cheek bones or lash lines. 


Use makeup as a blush Makeup should be used as a liner.

Makeup can add depth and definition, and if you use makeup on your lips, your makeup should be applied to your lip line. 


Apply foundation over your face for a light, natural lookUse a contOUR primer to create an understated look.

Apply the contour makeup over the top of your makeup and then conceal the rest of your face in concealer. 


Apply lipstick over your cheeks to accent a cheekbone or jawboneCreate a subtle lip look with a small, dark lipstick that accentuates your cheek bones and jawbone. 


Apply blush or powder eyeliner on your cheeks or jaw to create your glowIf you’ve been searching for a good-looking, natural, bold