Barbie in the Lab Features I’m getting better at my makeup routine. I’m also getting better with color correction!

I’m getting better at my makeup routine. I’m also getting better with color correction!

Neutrogena, the makeup brand behind the iconic makeup wipes and the color correction makeup wipes that have been used by celebrities like Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, and more, has released a new video to explain their products in a very entertaining fashion.

The video features several makeup brands, including Neutogena, M.A.C., and Mizon, and a very cute little pet dog named Noggy.

The clip starts with a makeup artist telling the viewer that she’s going to be doing a lot of makeup, but she’s not really going to know where to start.

She says, “I’m going to get you to do the makeup.

We’re going to show you how to apply it and how to blend it.”

The makeup artist then shows the viewer how to adjust makeup for the face and body, which can range from applying it with a primer, to applying it in a neutral or light-medium color, to highlighting it.

The product, which is called Nogging, is supposed to be “a blend of light, medium, and dark,” which are all shades of yellow, orange, and blue.

The product also features a few cute little pets in the video.

When you look at Nogged in the first clip, it looks like a mix of a fluffy bunny, a stuffed fox, and an adorable dog.

After applying the product, you can see Noggie getting on her feet and sniffing the product as it’s being applied.

It’s a cute little thing to see.

Noggy also shows up in a little more detail in the second clip, where she is doing a little bit of blending.

The final product is a neutral tone, and Nogge also does a little blending.

This time, she’s using a brush to apply the product to her face and using her tongue to brush it on her face.

Nog is also very adorable and playful in this video, showing off her fluffy fur.

This cute little dog can really play with the product and the brush, which seems to have a very soothing effect on her.

NOG is available in five shades of purple, black, yellow, and brown, with three more colors in the works.NOGG is available now on and is $29.99 for a 4.5-ounce tube.