Barbie in the Lab Swatches How to Make Your Body Look Nude from the Inside Out

How to Make Your Body Look Nude from the Inside Out

Nude makeup can be hard to come by, but it’s definitely worth it to add some texture to your face and body.

Here are some tips to make it easy.1.

Add mascara and brow gel to your make-up bag2.

Choose an eyebrow pencil3.

Choose a mascara brush4.

Add a blush5.

Get a brow mask.6.

Add some concealer7.

Use a brow gel8.

Get your eyebrows and make-ups done with your favourite make–up brushes9.

Take a selfie with your new look10.

Get the new look at home.


Create a new makeup bag.

A big bag is ideal for packing and storing your makeup.

I like to put my makeup in my size 8, 11 or 12.2.

Grab your brow pencils.3.

Grab a mascara wand and a mascara tip.4.

Grab an eyebrow brush and a brow pad.5.

Grab some eyebrow powder and a blush brush.6,7.

Grab eye makeup brushes and a eye shadow palette.8,9.

Grab brow pencil tips and a makeup brush tip.10.

Grab blush and blush brush tips.11.

Grab the brow gel.12.

Add concealer and blush concealer tips.13.

Add lipgloss.14.

Add blush to your look15.

Get those eyebrows done.