Barbie in the Lab Features Kaleidos’ highlighter palette to debut at MWC 2017

Kaleidos’ highlighter palette to debut at MWC 2017

MWC is coming up on the heels of another beauty trend.

Kaleido Cosmetics, makers of makeup, will debut their new highlighters at the 2017 Women in Cosmetics trade show, according to a post on the company’s Instagram page.

The highlights are named for the characters from the Japanese anime series Kaleiros, which centers on a boy and a girl who are drawn into a game where they are tasked with battling evil forces.

Kaleido will debut two new shades, a “Luminous Blue” and a “Blue-Eyed.”

The company said the new shades will be available in the coming weeks.

“We know how important it is to be a visionary with your makeup and to create products that can be trusted,” said Kate Kaelen, chief creative officer of Kaleids, in the post.

“We’re thrilled to share the new colors, as well as the stunning packaging that will go along with it, with you.”

The company has been producing highlight lipsticks for a number of years, and has been featured in the cosmetics industry before, including at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.