Barbie in the Lab About Which girl makeup brands have had the best fall trends?

Which girl makeup brands have had the best fall trends?

I recently stumbled across a photo of a makeup artist who was wearing a Makeup Geek T-shirt.

The caption read: “Tons of summer beauty trends.

All of them super sexy.

The only problem is I hate summer.”

It’s been one of my favorite summer memories for a long time, so I had to see for myself if this photo had any merit.

The photo was from last month, so it had been a while since I last looked at it, but I still had no idea what to make of it.

Here’s what I found. 

First, the name of the artist, a makeup stylist named Jen.

Jen was not the name I usually saw on Makeupgeek t-shirts, but it seems like she was.

I could not help but notice that she has a very pretty face and eyes, and she is wearing a long, dark blue-colored pencil skirt that had a gold embroidery pattern. 

But it’s the pencil skirt. 

The MakeupGeek tshirt featured the stylist’s face in its caption, but Jen’s was not. 

When I saw the caption, I thought it was a typo: Jen. 

Jen is not Jen.

I immediately realized that the makeup stylists’ name was not Jen, but someone else. 

I looked up the photo and it was not, and I was not impressed. 

As soon as I saw Jen’s name, I was thinking, “Oh, I can’t believe she’s wearing a pencil skirt!” 

The other girls in the photo are wearing the same pencil skirt, but the caption reads, “She has a lovely, full face with the perfect amount of lashes.” 

I immediately noticed the stylists face was the only part of the makeup that was missing. 

And then I realized that Jen is not wearing a lipstick, either. 

It’s not clear whether the stylistas makeup was applied with a brush, a liquid or a brush on the lips.

I was shocked to find that the lipstick on the left was actually a liquid, as Jen’s lip had the pinkest lipsticks I’ve ever seen. 

Next, I took a closer look at the pencil skirts, which had a white background, black lace and black fabric on the back. 

One of the pencils was in a plastic tube.

The other pencil was in an old-fashioned, white pencil tube. 

This is the plastic tube that Jen’s pencil skirt was in. 

There was a small silver line in the center of the tube.

What do these two pencils have in common?

They are identical.

They are the same size and shape. 

After looking at the picture, I immediately thought, “This is a perfect fall photo, with Jen wearing the pencil.

I wonder if the stylista has used the same technique to create this makeup look.” 

What’s really cool about the makeup on the other girls’ faces is that they are not wearing the actual pencils. 

What if I used the pencil tubes in the Makeup Geek tshirts? 

I decided to test this theory out and put on a makeup tutorial for my own eyes. 

If you are not familiar with makeup tutorials, I recommend watching this video. 

Before I go any further, let me tell you what I am about to say.

I have used Makeup Science in the past, but this was not a makeup-related video.

In fact, it was just a photo tutorial, so my opinions about makeup are not based on the makeup in the tutorial. 

So let’s take a look at Jen’s makeup tutorial.

The MakeoverGeektshirt, Jen’s Makeup Tutorial I have a lot of MakeupScience friends, so when Jen posted this photo on her Facebook page, I knew that she was onto something.

Jen is an incredible makeup stylizer. 

In fact, she has taught me many of her techniques, including the process of how to apply a pencil, how to draw a line and more. 

Here’s what she had to say about how she uses her pencils: “When I am using a pencil brush, I use the tip as a guide to create a very small, dark shadow.

I then apply a shadow in the middle of the line, just above the lash line. 

Then I draw the shadow by drawing a line from the tip to the eyelid.

I start at the tip, but as I move my eyes around the lashline, I draw more lines. 

Once I have my lines, I start to apply the pencil by pulling it out and drawing it in.” 

That sounds like a lot to understand, right? 

Jen’s pencils are different than the other makeup stylers I’ve used. 

She says, “I use a pencil to apply shadow on my lips, brows and under my eyes