Barbie in the Lab Features ‘Funny, heartwarming’: India’s selene makeup goes viral

‘Funny, heartwarming’: India’s selene makeup goes viral

A selens makeup collection that was created by a young girl in a rural area of India has gone viral, garnering over two million views on Facebook and over three million views online.

“This is a piece of beauty that is so beautiful, and it is such a tribute to her that it is not just about makeup,” said Pradeep Kaur, who runs the Makeup Design Lab, a small nonprofit in Mumbai, India, which has produced the collection.

“I feel so proud that this has reached such a global audience.

The beauty of India is the beauty of all women and the beauty is everywhere.”

Kaur, now 28, who had previously only used makeup in a few occasions, said that the first time he used it he was overwhelmed by its beauty.

“It’s a really nice blend of the natural and artificial elements.

It’s really bright and fresh,” he said.

“There is a lot of color in it and it’s very vibrant.

It is the first beauty I’ve seen.”

The collection was inspired by India’s rural environment.

Kaur said that when he started working with selenses, the first thing he wanted to know was how to create a natural look.

“I didn’t know how to do that in the beginning.

So, I had to go to school and learn it,” he recalled.”

The first step was to learn how to make the makeup myself and to create my own makeup,” he continued.

“After that, it was about experimenting and creating my own look.”

The makeup was made using only the natural elements in the ingredients.

“It’s all natural,” he explained.

“In my mind, it’s the essence of India, the beauty.

I wanted to make something that was authentic, so I tried to do it with natural ingredients and I tried it in different ways.”

Karen Gopinath, a makeup artist based in New York, told Al Jazeera that the selening process can take anywhere from a day to two weeks.

She said that in India, selences are typically sold online and can be pricey.

“They sell them for $100 [or] $200,” she said.

“But it is a luxury item that can only be bought online.”

The products range from $15 to $25.

For Kaur’s collection, he said that he chose to go with organic ingredients, and added that it cost around $1,000 for the complete set of three products.

Kaur said he has been using the products for a few weeks and he has noticed that he is looking more natural and more beautiful.

“You can see a lot more of my skin,” he told Aljazeera.

“You can actually see more skin, more skin that’s natural and not dyed, because the selsens are synthetic and they are made by hand.”

Kumar told Aljeet that he has found that the product has improved his complexion, as well as his hair.

“My hair is really thick and I have started to lose hair,” he added.

“My skin is much better.

It feels softer and smoother.

I feel really healthy and happy.

I really feel that the makeup is helping me to look better.”

The Makeup Lab is a non-profit organisation and a charity, with a focus on the wellbeing of women and girls in India.

Kainat Mehta, founder and CEO of Makeup Designer Lab, said the work of the Makeups Lab can be used to promote the empowerment of women.

“When you think about beauty, it is very important to the empowerment and empowerment of the women, and we hope that the beauty that we create will inspire other girls,” she told Aljais.