Barbie in the Lab Features Which is the best mascara for Halloween?

Which is the best mascara for Halloween?

By the time Halloween rolled around, I had already begun experimenting with various mascaras.

The idea of mascara had become something of a hobby, so it was only natural that I wanted to find out which one best suited my look.

I was soon faced with a few choices.

First, there was the ‘classic’ mascarand which offered the best results for the most part, but which often lacked the definition of the ‘super’ mascars.

The ‘mascara-based’ ones were always a little pricey and tended to dry quickly.

The other option was the new ‘natural’ ones, which were more affordable but lacked the long-lasting ‘crisp’ look.

After experimenting with the various mascars for several weeks, I finally settled on the ‘soul’ mascarkine.

The skin-loving essence of the product was able to deliver a little bit of definition and a slightly heavier, more oily texture without drying out my lashes.

The downside was that the product tended to be a little drying, and it didn’t leave a great deal of mascara on my lashes (the result of which was often left on my skin).

The verdict: ‘Soul’ mascara is definitely the way to go. 

It’s definitely the best choice for those who want to create a more dramatic look, but for most others, it’s the perfect choice to avoid drying out your lashes. 

A natural product, with a more refined finish, but it’s definitely a more cost-effective option. 

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