Barbie in the Lab Features Kaleidol makeup, makeup set, makeup products in Disney XD collection

Kaleidol makeup, makeup set, makeup products in Disney XD collection

The Disney XD set of makeup products includes eyeliner, lip pencils, eye shadow, blush, eye primer, blush sticks, and eyeshadow brush, as well as some lipsticks and bronzer.

The makeup line has already been available in the Disney Store for a while, but the company’s makeup product lineup has expanded since then, and now includes a whole new set of products.

The company is releasing a whole bunch of different makeup products in the new set, including two new shades, and they’re set to go on sale June 21, the same day that Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premieres.

Here are some of the products that Disney XD has announced.

Kaleidoll Makeup Set (Set #1) A wide-eyed blonde with a pink face, red hair, and a red lipstick, Kaleido is a super cute, sweet girl who loves to make cute makeup.

Her signature eyeliner is an intense blue that looks great in every setting, but it’s particularly strong when applied to cheeks and eyes.

A new shade is now available: Kaleideon-Green, a bright, deep pink with warm undertones.

Tarte Rouge Matte (Set 1) In the past, this makeup palette was the only one that featured a blush.

But now, with this new palette, Tarte Rouge is introducing a blush brush.

If you’re looking for a bright pink topper, this blush brush has a matte finish that blends in well with other makeup.

This blush brush is $9.99 at Target, Amazon, and Sephora.

Sally Hansen Makeup (Set 3) This is Sally Hansen’s signature blush brush, and it’s one of the most popular and versatile blush brushes in the world.

It has a warm-toned pink that can be worn alone, or paired with powder or powder blush.

Sally Hansen makes it easy to create a rich, bold, and bright look with this blush blush brush ($14.99).

Sailor Sally Makeup Kit (Set 2) Ships with three lipsticks: Kaleidean-Green ($5.49), a pink-pink-pale shade with a satin finish, Nudie-Green (7.49) with an orange undertone, and Mermaid-Green (#9) with a bright red undertone.

For the first time, Sally Hansen has also released a blush blush for eyeshadows: Nude-Red ($3.79).

Sephora Blush Set (Kaleiden-Green) (Set 4) Includes three lip products: Mae Green ($7.99), a bright green, matte, matte-coated lipstick with a rich purple undertone; Naughty Green ($6.99) a light green with a golden sheen, pink undertones, and metallic shimmer; Pinky Pink (6.49/6.19) a pink with a gold sheen and pink undertone; and Bubblegum (6/6/5) a purple with gold sheens and gold shimmer.

Sephariex Beauty Palette (Set 6) Each of these lipsticks is available for $7.79.

You can use these palettes with the same palette for up to six lipsticks.

Amazon is selling the Sally Hansen blush palette for $16.99, which is $6.09 more than the usual $8.99 price point for Sally Hansen lipsticks, and $1.25 more than the $8-11 price point of the $12-16 price range for other Sally Hansen products.

Sephoya has also updated the palette to include the Kaleiden eye shadows.

Hamburgian Lipstick (Set 5) The new Hamburgienne Lipstick ($8.49/$8.29) is a warm, neutral, matte lip color that applies evenly and doesn’t make a huge difference in color payoff.

This lip product has a slight sheen that applies easily, and is also super pigmented.

Lipstick with Green (Set 9) Lips are typically the first thing that people think of when it comes to makeup.

But with this lipstick, they can really use some help.

To create a more matte finish, this lipstick is made from coconut oil, a lightweight, high-quality formula that dries quickly, and gives a slight metallic shimmer. 

Hamburger Lipstick with Pink (Set 10) Hollywood actress Jessica Biel, who plays Kate Mara on the hit Netflix show House of Cards, is one of those actresses who can use a little lip gloss on her lips. This