Barbie in the Lab About How to dress for Halloween this year: Simple Halloween makeup guide for everyday looks

How to dress for Halloween this year: Simple Halloween makeup guide for everyday looks

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to pick up some makeup, and make sure to add some sparkle to your look.

Here’s how to do it in style.1.

Use your eyebrows to shape your eyes2.

Apply mascara and eyeliner3.

Add a splash of eyeshadow to your eyes4.

Blend mascara, mascara, and mascara5.

Add glitter and glitter eye shadow to your eyelids6.

Add lipsticks and lip gloss7.

Add mascara and eye shadow8.

Add eyeliner9.

Add eyeshadows and glitter10.

Add makeup11.

Add lipstick12.

Add an eyelash clip13.

Add some eyeliner14.

Add your eyebrows15.

Add blush16.

Add lashes17.

Add cheekbones18.

Add eyebrows19.

Add lips20.

Add nails21.

Add jewelry22.

Add accessories23.

Add face paint24.

Add make-up remover25.

Add foundation26.

Add concealer27.

Add tinting powder28.

Add bronzer29.

Add primer30.

Add gloss31.

Add eye shadow32.

Add sparkles33.

Add brow powder34.

Add powder eyeshade35.

Add liner36.

Add eyebrow pencils37.

Add highlighter38.

Add contouring39.

Add nail polish40.

Add brush41.

Add powders42.

Add brushes43.

Add blushes44.

Add liquid liner45.

Add shadows46.

Add waterproof mascara47.

Add shadow mascara48.

Add matte lipstick49.

Add pearl powder50.

Add light foundation51.

Add stain52.

Add metallic highlight53.

Add shimmery lip liner54.

Add mini glitter eyeshades55.

Add highlight powder56.

Add base color57.

Add gel eyeshadots58.

Add pink lip color59.

Add dark base color60.

Add top coat61.

Add translucent gloss62.

Add watercolor gloss63.

Add natural eyeshader64.

Add black eye color65.

Add coral eyeshaders66.

Add yellow eyeshading67.

Add brown eyeshiding68.

Add green eyeshadiing69.

Add blue eyeshadding70.

Add gold eyeshadrading71.

Add purple eyeshadders72.

Add red eyeshads73.

Add white eyeshadicad 74.

Add turquoise eyeshaded75.

Add burgundy eyeshadianad76.

Add bronze eyeshademad77.

Add silver eyeshadyads78.

Add emerald eyeshadhader79.

Add lavender eyeshaden80.

Add olive eyeshanderyad81.

Add peach eyeshaid82.

Add orange eyeshadaad83.

Add lilac eyeshadalad84.

Add rose eyeshaldad85.

Add violet eyesheader86.

Add aqua eyeshaddyad87.

Add amber eyeshiddad88.

Add sapphire eyeshaddenad89.

Add jade eyeshaundad90.

Add diamond eyeshidden91.

Add ruby eyeshided92.

Add maroon eyeshikedad93.

Add steel eyeshattedad94.

Add moonstone eyeshantedad95.

Add teal eyeshandedad96.

Add platinum eyeshodedad97.

Add rubies eyeshashedad98.

Add diamonds eyesharedad99.

Add lapis eyeshiredad100.

Add iridescent eyeshiddledad101.

Add fuchsia eyeshiftedad102.

Add purples eyeshilledad103.

Add greens eyeshinedad104.

Add indigo eyeshangedad105.

Add blues eyeshoredad106.

Add russias eyeshheldad107.

Add yans eyeshuledad108.

Add huesands eyeshiedad109.

Add whites eyeshiddyad110.

Add grays eyeshidiad111.

Add pinks eyeshide111.