Barbie in the Lab Features What are the top 20 makeup tips and tricks for getting your hair into shape?

What are the top 20 makeup tips and tricks for getting your hair into shape?

Google News is a great source for all things beauty.

Here’s a look at the 20 makeup secrets to get your hair in shape and make up look good on your face, body, and nails.


Get a good, thick brush.

When choosing a brush to use, always make sure that the brush is the right size and the brush head is angled down.

Make sure you have a brush that’s angled at the front of your head, as this will help you hold the brush and not spill out the ends.

If you use a gel or liquid brush, make sure the tip is angled to the side, so it can get more of the curl and volume out of your hair.


Apply concealer with a light touch.

If your hair is long or wavy, you can add a bit of concealer to your hair to help it look thicker and more defined.

If it’s thick, you’ll want to add a little more product to the tip of the brush, to give your hair a smoother texture.


Apply your foundation with a small amount.

Apply a light color, like light pink, purple, or peach to the top of your face.

The light color will give the illusion that your hair has been pressed in. 4.

Use a brush with a soft tip to smooth out your hair, and then use a fluffy brush to blend it into the hair.

Use the brush tip to lightly pat your hair and let it dry.

Use your fingers to spread the color evenly across your face and hair.


Apply foundation with two thin coats.

If using a cream foundation, make your first coat light and build up with a second coat to create a fuller look.

Then, apply a thick layer of foundation to the base of your eyebrows and under your eyes, and finally, apply your eyelashes and mascara to complete your look.


Use two thick coats of powder to add volume to your face in the morning and a thicker layer of powder in the afternoon.

For the best results, apply the powder in a thin layer, which will give your face the look of a powder.


Use concealer on the sides of your eyes.

This step will give a natural glow to your eyes and make them appear more defined and defined.


Apply mascara on the top half of your lips.

This will give an illusion of a fuller, longer-lasting, and less-distracted look.


Use foundation to make your eyebrows look fuller and fuller.


Apply makeup with the brush that is on your finger tips.

This helps to create the illusion of long, thin hair.


Apply eyeliner to the outer corners of your eyelids.

This is the most difficult part of your makeup, as you have to create an illusion that you have eyes.


Use mascara to the inner corners of the eyes.

You have to use the exact same technique to create that illusion, as the outer corner of your eye will be a little larger and more pointed.


Apply brow gel on the outer sides of the brow.

This gives a slight lift to your brow and gives your eyes a more defined look.


Apply blush on the inner edges of your cheekbones.

This makes them appear fuller and thicker.


Apply powder eyeliner on the middle of your brow bone.

This provides the illusion you have large, round eyes.


Apply eye liner to the under side of your nose.

This also gives your face a more rounded, more rounded look.


Apply lipstick on the lower lip.

This allows your lips to appear fuller, fuller and more pronounced.


Apply lip gloss to the upper lip.

Apply the color on the tip, not the entire end of the tube.


Apply eyebrow pencil to the sides and top of the eyebrows.

This creates a more natural, less contoured look.


Apply liner to your eyelid crease.

You want to make sure you’re applying a line that is perpendicular to your eyebrows, not going down the side of the eye, which may give your eyeliner an unnatural look.


Apply nail polish to the inside of your nail.

This brings out the natural curl of your nails.


Apply hair gel on top of eyebrows.

Apply this on top and sides of each eyebrow to give them a bit more volume and define.


Apply liquid eyeliner in a fluffy, light spray.

This goes on all over your eyelash line and adds volume to the curl of the eyelashes.


Apply gloss over top of eyeliner.

This adds volume and definition to the eyelid.


Apply contouring powder to the brow bone and under eye.

This fills in the crease and under-eye areas.


Apply topcoat to your lip.

You can apply topcoat directly on your lips, but you can also apply it on the lip to create more volume, as well as a bit brighter, darker shade