Coloured Raine Eyeshadow Singles Review Part 4

In this review I’ll be looking at Coloured Raine pressed eyeshadow singles in the shades Chameleon, Forbidden, and Side of Olives.

This eye look was created with Chameleon in the inner corner and Forbidden in the outer eye corner. Anastasia Venice was used all over the lid and Urban Decay C-Note was used in the crease. All shadows were applied over Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden. Also used was Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara.

Coloured Raine Chameleon is a duochrome pressed eyeshadow in a 26 mm pan that sells for $6.99USD on Coloured Raine’s website. The color is a pale lilac with a subtle blue highlight that has a pearl finish.

This shade isn’t quite matte but has the consistency of the Coloured Raine’s satin shades. It has a more powdery than creamy consistency but still has fairly even application. I found this shadow was a little more sheer than other Coloured Raine shadows but could be built up to opacity. This shadow might be able to be used as a cheek highlight on some skin tones. Over primer, this shadow lasted me about 10 hours.

Four star A little more powdery and sheer than other shades but still capable of even and opaque coverage

Coloured Raine Forbidden is a duochrome pressed eyeshadow that sells for $6.99USD on Coloured Raine’s website. The color is a shimmery bold teal over a brown base, although it’s harder to see the base through the teal.

While Coloured Raine calls this shade duochrome like Chameleon, it had a consistency that was smooth and creamy like the foiled shades. This allowed it to apply evenly, blend well, and have minimal fallout. I was not easily able to see the duochrome effect, but using a glitter primer may help it be more apparent. With primer, this shadow lasted me about 12 hours.

Five star Smooth and even application with great pigmentation

Coloured Raine Side of Olives is a foiled pressed eyeshadow in a 26 mm pan that sells for $6.99USD on Coloured Raine’s website. Despite the name, I wouldn’t really call this color olive. It’s more of an shimmery, earthy moss green with a golden highlight.

This shade, like other Coloured Raine foiled eyeshadows, has an almost creamy consistency that makes applying it evenly easy. However, I did notice that this shade got some hard pan that made picking up the shadow with a brush harder. This caused the pigmentation to not be as intense as the other foiled shades. That being said, I was still able to get opaque coverage that blended well and had minimal fallout. With primer, this shade lasted about 10 hours.

Four star A little prone to hard pan but still capable of opaque, even coverage