NYX In Your Element: Fire Palette Swatches

NYX In Your Element: Fire palette is a set of 12 eyeshadows and part of the limited edition In Your Element collection. The palette consists of both matte and shimmer finishes with shades of warm reds and yellows. This palette retails for $30.00USD and can be found here.

Fire Case

In Your Element: Fire comes in a hard plastic case with fire works on it. Inside the palette are 12 matte and shimmer eyeshadows that are predominately red and yellow as well as a large mirror.

Note that all swatches were done over Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden. Because the shadows do not have shade names, they have been numbered 1-12 starting at the top left and going left to right.

Fire 1

Fire 1 is a shimmer pale yellow-gold

Fire 2

Fire 2 is a matte slightly mustardy-yellow

Fire 3

Fire 3 is a matte medium warm sand

Fire 4

Fire 4 is a matte brown-red

Fire 5

Fire 5 is a matte medium warm brown

Fire 6

Fire 6 is a shimmery champagne gold

Fire 7

Fire 7 is a matte warm red

Fire 8

Fire 8 is matte warm dark brown

Fire 9

Fire 9 is a matte poppy red

Fire 10

Fire 10 is a matte mahogany red

Fire 11

Fire 11 is a duochrome red-brown base with a shimmery gunmetal shift

Fire 12

Fire 12 is a shimmery red-copper